Switch & Vita News: Nintendo Switch BootROM leaked online & fan-made Portal 1 clone released for the PlayStation Vita


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  1. Sansmans says:

    You word it like the Portal 1 clone is playable when it’s just a floating cube and a button right now.

    • Gerardo says:

      cuando puedas hacer algo mejor tu considerare tu comentario. mientras tanto para los que tenemos ps vita el hecho de poder tener más programas o juegos que puedan explotar el potencial de nuestra consola, (así sea un cubo flotante y un botón) siempre serán bienvenidas y con mucha emoción.

  2. mgplayer 47 says:


  3. Ricioly says:


  4. anonymous says:

    lol efff Nintendo. They deserve everything bad that has happened to them this year.

  5. QueDato says:

    Could this leak mean a cold boot in the future for Nintendo Switch? So I can finally turn off completely my Switch

  6. snoofoxy says:

    while i do believe the switch is great and well worth every cent I just want to play older games on it aswell… kinda wish nintendo would do a microsoft and allow dev mode

  7. Gabriel says:

    For Other Consoles: a lot of cool new things and a lot of good homebrew
    For PS Vita: Crappy clone games that nobody cares.
    Ps Vita is dead

    • poggers says:

      well the psvita isnt that dead, if only there are more people that would make good homebrew games.