Nintendo leak allegedly reveals Switch security details, tactics used against hackers


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12 Responses

  1. joe G says:

    Me, after reading but understanding nothing of what it means for a simply tommy: ” You know, I am a bit of a hacker myself!”

  2. EinOwl says:

    Sooo… Where is DS emulator for Vita?

  3. salllr says:

    What is stoping anyone from running own code on a PS5 if you have the Sony private keys? I don’t understand that twitter comment. The leaks don’t change the fact that you have full control of any system if you have the required keys.

  4. cDh says:

    These guys are playing a very dangerous game…

    • DS_Marine says:

      Nintendo has what are called dark ninjas that basically make people disappear/submit. This is rumored to by why the Z isn’t on the scene anymore because he.. now hiding as she knew too much. I think this is a awful that they go after people make life hard to protect their IP’s. This leak serves them right.

  5. DO PHU THINH says:

    This right here is why I love wololo… f* nintendo

  6. anonymous says:

    Lol they had this comming. This is what happens when you when you take retro games away from people; they aquire new hobbies.

  7. Edward Carnby says:

    Does this mean a software mod instead of the expensive hardware mod? Hope so!!

  8. alex says:

    > In particular, the documents reveal how Nintendo apparently attempted to track some hackers down, with the intent to work directly with them (hire them) or intimidate them through legal threats depending on the case. 3DS hackers such as Yellows8, Smealum, and Neimod are apparently directly named in the documents.

    Looks like conspiracy you all joke about revealed to be no conspiracy at all.

    I bet if same sort of info leaked from Sony we will know how Sony dictates playstation scene preventing it from up-to-date hacking.

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