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PS4 7.02 exploit: Sleirsgoevy working on a port of the Synacktiv webkit exploit (release)


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19 Responses

  1. AllenR says:

    damn, it hasn’t even been a week since

    • spok says:

      yup but still slow comparing to PS3 days – 8.xx is out and 7.xx is still not jailbroken so let´s hope it will be even faster once PS5 will be fully available for all!

      • LashedCrayon says:

        We only had a jailbreak for 3.55 during the PlayStation 3 days so I’m not to sure what your talking about……

      • zfreeman says:

        We had to wait 4 years for any kind of public jailbreak. And it was only for 3.55. Later firmwares required an E3 Flasher downgrader until PS3Xploit in 2017.

    • Ricioly says:

      Well I a pleasantly surprise! Thank the Lord it’s not another Vita story!

  2. cyberpunk 2078 sux dix says:

    usless *** stay on 6.72

  3. Gamr13 says:

    Looking forward to 7.55

  4. DO PHU THINH says:

    Awesome news.

  5. golephish says:

    Thank you wololo your writing is really appreciated sir.

  6. CosmicTacoCat says:

    I think well all have one thing in common here, we hate software developers and especially the big ones like Sony. While I still think there is a little fun to be had with older systems like the Vita, I think we should be looking to PS4/PS5 to make them hurt.

  7. Jean Karl Apap says:

    This is surprising, I didn’t think it would progress this fast.

  8. Dazza says:

    Will be interesting to see if the hidden web browser on the ps5 has some flaws…

  9. m123 says:

    Hey guys,

    you are all doing a great work!
    It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get it running.
    I respect your work and hope you will go on!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. JohnnyLove007 says:

    Thank you Wololo! Finally a relevant article.

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  2. December 17, 2020

    […] published an implementation of the PS4 7.02 Kernel Exploit, combined with Sleirsgoevy’s port of the recent webkit exploit. In parallel, Sleirsgoevy has been working on his own integration of the Jailbreak + Mira […]

  3. December 19, 2020

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