Heads up: Horizon Forbidden West available for Preorder on Amazon: PS5 - PS4 (affiliate link)

PSVita: DaedalusX64 0.6 released with significant performance improvements in Nintendo 64 games, Turkish & Russian translations and more – TheFlow ports 3DS dynarec improvements


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16 Responses

  1. JohnnyLove007 says:

    This feels like a repost from a decade ago, please more ps5 news no one cares about Vita, they haven’t for at least 5 years.

    • DD says:

      You… do realize what website this is right?

    • deamon says:

      i care about the vita and many other people do as well when theres ps5 news it will be posted dont expect there to be for a long time tho it took ages just to get stuff for the ps4

    • David says:

      NOTHING is happening with the PS5, are you dumb? It’s been weeks since release and there’s no web browser, so a hack will take a long time to arrive, also SONY will be updating the console like mad. You seem like a normie so just go back to cod and fortnite and keep updating.

  2. Roy Hatter says:

    This update was relevant to me. I’m grateful for it. I want to play Ocarina of Time N64 on my vita and have been waiting patiently for the emulator to provide a more fluid experience.

    • Hello my earthly neighbor says:

      Patience is a virtue. Especially at the time of CO-VID

      Please know that there are few people working on these projects. The more support the merrier; such adventure is like climbing a mighty mountain to get clean water for the village.

    • Hello my earthly neighbor says:

      And by support, I frankly mean the mighty mountain is climbable to everyone.

      Please, have a nice day of sunshine everyone. Bon adieu! 🙂

  3. deamon says:

    im glad lol that’s more stuff for my road trip machine

  4. CosmicTacoCat says:

    What happened?

  5. Vorde says:

    This is getting predictable.

  6. gles2lover says:

    super smash bros audio still sucks.

  7. syncnel says:

    super smash bros now runs faster with 4-player on screen

  8. Unknown says:

    Hope that next after 64 will be a DS emulator on Vita

  9. Spec says:

    I am surprised anyone still cares about PS Vita, I don’t personally know anyone that uses one anymore.