Switch News: SX OS 3.1.0 Beta released with OFW 11.0.0 support & MissionControl 0.4.0 letting you use a DualSense controller on your Switch together with FW 11.0.0 support!


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8 Responses

  1. Taronish says:

    Just got a xaj switch

  2. Ricioly says:


  3. Unknown says:

    xecuter some worthless hackers. accept challenge if that`s wrong. hack switch avoiding chip. no? than you just useless businessmens and nothing more than shame.

  4. Spaarks says:

    awesome, sx at it again. Cant be stop

  5. Ian Tester says:

    They! don’t! read! our! comments! so don’t expect! anything! to! change! 😀

  6. Dante Souza e Souza says:

    Is MissionControl 0.4.0 compatilble with SXOS?