PlayStation 5: Users getting banned for unlocking PS5-exclusive PlayStation Plus Collection to PlayStation 4 owners


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  1. snintendog says:

    Rather than block people they should have sent a warning, this is ridiculous and is going to further anger users. Nice article by the way.

    • ranfan says:

      the tos is the warning lol. went through this stuff already when people were “sharing” games with ps3 accounts. selling access on ebay is just making it worse

      • Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

        Nobody is going to read 80 pages worth of bloat with implications of a warning, and companies know this.

  2. Ricioly says:

    They should have just left it alone. $ony needs to chill.

  3. Raul says:

    Sony gave it away. It’s not their and in EU you can sold used software licences. It’s fault of Sony that it’s possible in the first place.

    • Schadows says:

      The reselling of used software license is already quite blurry by itself, but In this case, it’s not a resell because the original PS5 owner does not forfeit his license, he his just duplicating it onto other accounts … which is basically against the terms of service (like it was for people using the same way to share PS3 games).

  4. golephish says:

    music to my ears. I hope Sony adopts a more violent way with hackers this time around, just how Nintendo has been doing. Cease and desists, lawsuits, arrests… those are the kind of articles I want to read here about the ps5 <3

    • golephish says:

      While I agree with this to a degree. I didn’t post this.

    • Ben10Tenison says:

      How about sony stop censoring anime games instead of attacking customers?

      • Crzo says:

        This is not attacking costumers. The Collection is an incentive for people to get a PS5. Using Sony’s incentive to make a profit is ridiculous. They are temporary banning the PS4 users and perma banning the PS5’s. This way the people who paid the money will get their account back in 2 months and the people “selling unlocks” get permanently banned.

  5. EinOwl says:

    Still not a skyrim on vita… or even ds emulator..

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    Are just the accounts being banned or the actual console or both?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those paperweight PS5s sound like a great buy for hacking in the future

  8. patto05 says:

    this really is dumb the way Sony is doing this… not everyone can currently afford a PS5, or maybe wish to wait for a newer model to release and not adopt ASAP out of the door… not to mention PLENTY of people are having a hard time getting their hands on one even with having enough money to buy it.

    i mean really… who are the ebay listers hurting? are they scalping? if so, then it should be stopped. if the prices are reasonable… aren’t they actually HELPING Sony? like… you need to maintain a PS+ subscription to maintain access to these games, so… like… yeah.

    i just don’t get it, Sony… *** are they doing?

    i have been high on the fence on which system to get, and only been considering a PlayStation because of my already large amount of games being owned over there. but this is downright absurd.

    i don’t understand why they just don’t give the offer to PlayStation 4 owners too. sounds pretty damn scandalous to me. almost as if they WANTED people to do this just so they can ban them. very very few people are going to buy a PlayStation 5 just for the sole purpose of getting this “Collection”. so, i wouldn’t consider it a marketing/selling point. but i could be wrong!

    • Ben10Tenison says:

      Are you surprised? Sony has been anti consumer for a long time. It statted when they censored and banned anime games

    • jud says:

      I really hope yhis s hitty company will fail someday..
      Maybe this is a beginning

  9. ethan says:

    I was under the impression,you supply your username/password and the seller logs on to their ps5 to enable then give the buyer the thumbs up after.

  10. D says:

    now they focus on the PS5 and PS4 bans? WTH? i wish they would stop banning PS3’s…. for having CFW on them.

  11. Kiki says:

    So are the buyer accounts also being banned or just the once that are doing the actual unlock?

  12. Mistery says:

    so if i own a ps5 and ps4 (pro) and log in to both with the same PSN account, but decide to play the Plus Collection games on my ps4 (pro) due to limited storage space on my ps5, will i get banned?

    • Ben10Tenison says:


    • Rob says:

      Nah, you’re good. I did this, I play some games on my PS4 and some on my PS5 and haven’t been banned. I read somewhere else that this happens because the security measures of the PSN get activated when it detects a lot of different logins on a single console.

  13. ethan says:

    The seller was asking the buyer to provide their login details using it to login to the PS5 then ltring the buyer know it is ready.

  14. ethan says:

    Makes you wonder if it can be activated by spoofing a ps5 on a PS4 somehow.

  15. Touareg says:

    Well, I guess they might have targeted the ones who dealt in greater numbers.
    I got the collection for a -lets call it trouble-recompensation- of around 10 bucks from a guy in my country.
    I haven’t been banned so far.
    I also bought a ps plus membership for three month which I would never have bought otherwise.
    So Sony did make a profit.

  16. darkskyoutside says:

    Which mean if you bought a 2nd hand PS5, you do not want to get the PS plus collection, else you will get banned too.
    Sony just indirectly deny 2nd hand market for PS5.

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