PS5: A second firmware update on its launch month, doesn’t seem to fix users’ issues


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8 Responses

  1. An says:

    Some of these bugs might lead to delightful exploits.

  2. golephish says:

    “been seeing issues with the console, from annoying coil/fan noises, storage issues, graphical glitches, to experience-breaking crashes.”
    Ah yes, live with your broken console for who knows how long. Hope this doesn’t get hacked at least until after end of support time.
    Commenters here deserve that.

    • Evrain says:

      And the alternative would be what, waiting for the PS5 Slim?
      Spoiler: most people bought their PS5 to PLAY, not to keep it boxed until if/when/where an exploit is released.
      Moreover, console hacking nowadays is more of an academical feat, what with architectures becoming more and more secure and more and more tied into commercial-grade proofing.

      I suggest you spend more time playing games OR reading the papers published on the security systems implemented in the XBOne, PS4 and Switch: should be quite interesting, especially the philosophy behind some choices (e.g. Microsoft protecting the hardware with the principle that “no data from anything outside the security processor is to be ever deemed trustworthy”)

  3. Ricioly says:

    Hope this machine is exploited early.

  4. Charles Fasano says:

    For games crashing, it might not be the fault of the OS. It could be the game itself. With the PS4 the game Lego Dimensions at one point had a bug that would cause it to crash when trying to load the end level cutscene which would then require me to completely replay the level.. Eventually WB released a patch that fixed it. For my troubles they gave me a free Lego game as this was going on for a few months. Not sure if this was caused by an OS update or something the devs coded that didn’t play nice with Orbis.