PSVita: re3-vita 1.1 released with 40% better performance, freecam feature and various fixes – You can now enjoy GTA III without ever worrying about performance!


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  1. O_G says:

    You mean turn the frame limiter on (enabled), as disabling this may result in FPS exceeding 30, which may cause issues with physics.

    • golephish says:

      The guy that wrote the article doesn’t understand that. Wololo nonsense like this is going to kill this high ranking site. Please pay for real writers, we are willing to help pay through gofundme or whatever.

  2. Bl4ck says:

    Nice! thank Aurora, this is what this site’s all about n_n

  3. John says:

    Is that a screen shot of it on a psvita or is it just a random photo, cause it looks sooo clean

  4. EinOwl says:

    Still not a Skyrim…

  5. Srmoska says:

    Does it support the GTA 3 patched version? (with xbox car models)

  6. JohnnyLove007 says:

    Vita is dead, I got my Vita for free from the local dump.

  7. teakhanirons says:

    This is a story of a game changing port for the Vita the best handheld console on the market today. This port alone should increase the Vita value by 500% making it worth at least $1.

  8. Joe G says:

    Gta 3, Vice City…
    This is literally a dream come true.
    How we longed for a Gta on Vita! And finally, they are here.

  9. kim says:

    Ground hog day… Another GTA 3 Vita article 🙁 surely there is news about ps5?

  10. syncnel says:

    first atomiswave games on dreamcast and now GTA 3 on vita, this brings new life to old consoles

  11. Lennyvita says:

    this person Rinnegatamante better be working somewhere good with their talent. The stuff they have done for the Psvita scene is amazing. I hope you are making money with your great skills. I want to thank you. And to the guy who found a Vita at the dump, lucky you. I had to buy mine. Vita is awesome and there is a reason why they hold their value and going up more on Ebay, thats because of a great homebrew scene and people like Rinnegatamante making it a better system with every release.

  12. Lennyvita says:

    Also TheFlow better be using their talent for making money also. The Vita scene would not be what it is without their work and dedication. to that guy that found his Vita at the dump, I hope you get it modded and use the great apps and software provided by the Flow and other great developers. stuff like this makes the vita more worth owning in 2020.

  13. golephish says:

    Better yet, they should just write about Vita and older systems and forget about the piece of junk that is the ps5, that way try-hard trolls like you will keep fuming in the comments! 😀

  14. AA says:

    The Vita is way more powerful than the ps5…

  15. Ricioly says:

    Does someone know how can I invert vertical controls in free cam?

  16. supergordon says:

    complete ready data files for vita.
    püt it to ux0:data/

    soundfiles already converted