Switch: Return To Castle Wolfenstein ported to the console thanks to capsterx


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13 Responses

  1. ethan says:

    Oh wow…

  2. EinOwl says:

    when skyrim will be ported to vita?

  3. teakhanirons says:

    Not again.

  4. TehCupcakes says:

    Are you kidding me? If someone wants a FPS for Switch they are going to play an actual Switch game. You have to be just messing with us now.

  5. snintendog says:

    I know… got to give credit though, I have never seen anyone make an article from a story that is barely a forum post. Let’s get some quality content Wololo!

  6. kim says:

    What happened 🙁

  7. Bl4ck says:

    Nice article Aurora! keep ’em coming n_n

  8. Randy C Steele says:

    An Oculus Quest version exists and it’s already the perfect version

  9. BigDaddy says:

    I imagine ports for games running on the same engine will be coming next, such as Jedi Knight: Outcast and others?

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