The PS5 scene is already ramping up


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  1. Bl4ck says:

    O M G, they finally wrote about the PS5! I hope all of you cry babies are happy! now back to Vita…

  2. KroniK says:

    Consoles are pieces of *** without a hack. Still haven’t connected my unhackable switch to the net and only played the thing for like 5 hours since last December. Best of luck to those trying to make the ps5 & SX awesome

  3. AA says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the PS5. This will be the system to exploit.

    • spok says:

      I will never buy this PS 4.5 (different package but same ***) until fully jailbroken as PS3 was – also I will ignore so called “Hen hacks” used just for pirating!

    • Anonmos says:

      If I were you do not get it photos on your hat pins for I want the PlayStation 5 to stay Colleen and I mean that focus on iPhones to get hacked and the PS Vita is still alive so focus on those things we ain’t done yet what’s special with the PS4 all y’all did was have just the way I was apart who cares about that the ultimate reason is there’s no actual whereabouts at all for the PS5 just a full gaming system want a PlayStation 2 and 3 has a web browser this one is at zero so so I want you to forget about the system okay if you don’t listen to me hope you get banned and don’t come crying to me and say I need help so I shouldn’t have bought it

  4. Has it been confirmed that the PS5 runs orbis? Kiwi’s parsing bugs suggest so but maybe they were just ported to whatever the PS5 is running. I’d like to see a completely custom OS like Horizon or the Vita but an old outdated free bsd base is probably better for finding bugs. Either way I won’t get one until it has a good legal SDK.

  5. golephish says:

    Thanks Wololo, exciting times ahead!

  6. ethan says:

    Well we are off to a good start with the ps5, thanks Wololo.

  7. Charles Fasano says:

    Few more days and I will have my ps5. Thanks for the update Wololo, we’ll hack this thing sooner than later.

  8. teakhanirons says:

    Good article, nice to read something interesting for a change. I don’t remember the scene jumping onboard looking for ps4 exploits this quick.

  9. JohnnyLove007 says:

    ps5 is my dream and when hacked it will be even more.

  10. alex says:

    Nothing happened with PS4, nothing will happen with PS5. Hacker scene is fully owned by Sony so no serious hack that not requires unupdated console with one year back firmware will come out. Switch was last hacked console.

    • Bl4ck says:

      Also flow already said he’s not doing anything else for this ungrateful morons, so yeah, they can keep dreaming for a long while.

    • kim says:

      Alex who knows where we will be in 12 months, anything can happen. PS5 could be the last console that Sony releases that has the games installed on it and on disc, so let’s make the best of it. Streaming is going to be fast enough that no one will need a powerful console in the future.

  11. UchihaAvelino says:

    Right now there are a lot of issues on the PS5. Maybe by some of those weaknesses it will be possible to hack the PS5 on some level.

  12. Aunmos says:

    Please if I can play this info I want the system to be clean please all you want to do is try and get a web browser working forget it I can’t even report you people just leave the system alone nothing important just a well there’s a *** okay stop just focus on the PlayStation 4 scene and that’s it so leave it alone what about the PS Vita and PS4 plus see another PS5 scene I’m going to keep talking like this all day don’t tell much money you make put on a PS4 find new update hack for me.

  13. mten666 says:

    Yeah…. enjoy your lifelong wait because of scene drama, again. No, thanks.

  14. Dmaskell92 says:

    I don’t understand why people get *** about the Vita not being relevant anymore, it was a great handheld, but in 2020 it is best remember. Now Vita emulation on the Switch would be cool.

  15. TehCupcakes says:

    Sounds like there are a few people here that are not going a PS5 for Christmas!

  16. AA says:

    Good to see the enthusiasm for the ps5! I have mine on order!

  17. A bright Idea says:

    i wonder if we could use call of duty? That game has so many damn bugs that literally freeze the console or Memory Overflow.