Emulation: Yuzu introduces Nintendo Switch Online support only to axe it mere hours later – Team claims removal was due to “valid and insightful feedback” from community


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8 Responses

  1. DJPlace says:

    harsh… but it was worth the effort to try well maybe….

  2. John says:

    Don’t anger Nintendo you will be AXED.

  3. John says:

    Don’t anger Nintendo you will be AXED.

  4. TehCupcakes says:

    I do hope we see something like this in the future, but with a couple key differences:

    – Do so after Switch is no longer an active console, much like how Wii online service alternatives exist.
    – Don’t hide it behind a paywall. Consoles can get away with it because they own the platform and have a lot of incentives. Beyond the legal troubles, you shouldn’t charge for this kind of thing on PC, nor in the emulator scene period. Yes, I know it’s expensive, but if it’s not viable with the support the team is already receiving then just don’t provide the service.

    I can understand the appeal of adding this functionality, and as a developer I would be really excited to offer it. I can even forgive them for making it exclusive to paying supporters for a limited time – they are paying for early access to new features, and you want to reward them with something worthwhile. However, if they were really planning to keep this behind a subscription permanently… Well then I think the issue here is pretty clear.

  5. ethan says:

    Don’t mess with Nintendo.

  6. Kody says:

    Well their Patreon isn’t just to pay for the services from – what looks like – some random group who offers to work on a NSO replacement, but locking it *indefinitely* for the Patreon builds is a red flag.
    Would have been better if the NSO replacement server was open source and that we could download a binary to host our own version, like switch-lan-play.

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