PS4 6.72 Jailbreak released by Sleirsgoevy


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  1. Senas8

    I been on pshax all day.. it’s up now.

  2. Dvdx

    This is the first day i’ve been able to explore the world of PS4 homebrew and…piracy….once I got the jailbreak up and running I sat there for like 10 or so minutes thinking “okay…so, what do I get?”…there’s not really much on PS4 that I care for that I can’t get on PC or Switch….sure, God of War is available but that’s really all I have found that is PS4 exclusive that I want….but, hey, this jailbreak works at least 🙂

  3. Austin

    Dvdx if you haven’t played Uncharted 4 or the first trilogy go with that. Also Ratchet & Clank and Bloodborne are get ps4 exclusives.

  4. steven

    Great work!

  5. Foldi Lorand

    Hi all my Ps4 just updated manually to 6.72 via USB and go to the
    And it worked first try , but i Have many games installed previously from 5.05 software but not working, require a game update, help me to manualy download update for games
    Give me please a website to download updates files for example God of War or The Last of Us Remastered

  6. Peter

    Finally spider men and Red dead and ace combat and deadcells

  7. fresno

    These are good news. But I am patient. I’ll wait a stable Jailbreak.

  8. Eduard

    I have more that one our try and nothing work ,only restarts,but is great news apreciate and thanks for your effort guys….

  9. Huj

    Can i play cs1.6 on ite

  10. omar

    works good, just make sure to use rest mode after jailbreak:D need link for files update. Cant run god of war and last of us from 5.05

  11. Eduard

    Work very well but ATENTION !!! after push MIRA to phase 2 and appear in corner ‘WAITING FOR CLIENTS ‘ immediately press PS to controller.

  12. Zeed

    Can you use psvr still after jailbreaking?

  13. Eduard

    If anyone know how disable fan ,l activate from payload and now is very loud ,after restart same situation remain very loud is 60%

  14. Karim

    So far very unstable. It works once out of 5-6 for me.

    I tried to install a PKG game and it went fine and then I couldn’t find the game installed but rather a download pending installation and when I tried to install it from there it pointed me to ps store

  15. Farchent

    I didnt sign in to any psn account. So, do i still will get banned if I goes online?

  16. lollypop

    is there a PS46.76jb-2-Orbital-qemu allready ?

  17. Ric

    después de ejecutar MIRA a alguien le aparece “WAITING FOR USB DISK”?

  18. firex

    I USE this HEN and is almost 99% wors

    on ps4 browser put

    then OK when JB loaded clic Mira+ HEN wait 10 sec and play !!!

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