PSVita: Graphene releases Thread Optimizer – a plugin and configuration app letting you modify game threads to use the 4th CPU core reserved for system processes!


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  1. ZpectroO says:

    Once the .dat (capture) file has been created and edited, how do I load the new configuration?

  2. TiCoKH says:

    It is possible to play Jak & Daxter Trilogy with this around 30 FPS? I remember I stuck with Jak & Daxet 1 Vita in the underwater levels because of poor framerate. After that I switch to the PS3 version and completed the game with 100% and platinum around 20-hours play.
    And same with Sly Trilogy what was realy hard on Vita because of poor framerate it was easy in the PS3 version.

  3. yes says:

    This does improve fps stability

  4. Tony says:

    Idk about anyone else but it doesn’t even work for me, i made sure everything was setup correctly but when i save snapshots it says it was saved but opening the homebrew app says that there is none saved, vitashell also shows a blank directory at ux0:data/ThreadOptimizer

  1. June 22, 2020

    […] the last few days, the spotlight was on the PlayStation Vita as Graphene has managed to allow its 4th CPU core to be used in games & homebrew rather than be reserved to system processes. However, other scenes haven’t been dormant and […]