PlayStation 4 News: TheFlow reports that a dongle jailbreak could not be made with a recent vulnerability found in FreeBSD due to Sony implementing their own HID descriptor – No updates on upcoming FW 6.20 hack


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  1. Thanks Aurora, this is very useful news.

  2. Dedark says:

    I think theflow0 was hired by sony after anouncing his upcoming 6.20 exploit. I think theflow was hired or got paid by sony to not release his 6.20 exploit. So probably, we wont be seeing any 6.2 exploit from him that would enable piracty. To play it safe, he made a this writeup that it wont no longer possible without mentioning the 6.20 exploit. I hope I am wrong.

    • spok says:

      You are wrong since when Geohot hacked PS3 they sued him even there was a jailbreak dongle already out – my PS4 5.05 is just collecting dust…

    • ProtoCas8 says:

      They were not hired by $ony, $ony doesn’t hire hackers that live in there parents basement. They hire outgoing hard working individuals, not people that love to break systems. Geohot did get work with some firm, but the big corps won’t touch him… he can’t be trusted with privileged information.

  3. meysam25 says:

    the last of us part II is coming plz guy do something , i really need to play this game, i can not efford another ps4 in my country ( iran) every thing is to f**king expensive .

    • Bl4ckbl00d says:

      Gaming is a luxury. If you can’t afford it then you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time with games.

      • Pop says:

        While I agree with the sentiment, sometimes you have to empathize with people using it to escape (as it was originally created to do). Though I don’t condone piracy, looking at things from a perspective of someone who’s life is in turmoil I’d say it’s better than an alternative venue for venting their frustration. Say maybe drugs, to which I lost a few family members to, or fans which I lost an uncle to.
        Seeing they are from Iran if you look at the current situation there I can understand why they need the escape.

    • Soulless leftover! says:

      The guy that wrote this article is just parroting what he reads on other sites. Aurora is not a hacker. He is a re-poster at best. I agree gaming is a luxury, if you can’t afford it then you need a job.

  4. Yasdasnice says:

    How much does a used PS4 go for in Teheran?

  5. Padla says:

    sony u s**k uggly slunteyes

  6. Rely says:

    Because of piracy or because of high speculation, the same debates existed before the release of platforms like Spotify or Netflix. Time to time and also the way we play games will change.

  7. spuku says:

    yeah soon we will be playing games in our sleep

  8. evilpaul says:

    Personally, I doubt thefl0w has anything at this point.

  9. Thats Me says:

    the flow is not good enough for this job, vita only :)))
    or he get some bucks for shut up 😉