Nintendo Switch: SciresM hints at a hack for the current hardware model “Mariko”


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  1. Dukowski


  2. a7mag3ddon

    When you say leveraged, do you mean got the tx core which was supposed to be for testers only and used it to get access? Yeah i think thats what you mean.

    • TheMaxxx

      Copying i guess goes both ways.. they i’m sure Team-X is using some of SciresM work. Just glad to hear there will be possible a free alternative to run homebrew on the Switch Lite!

  3. Timmy

    Would be hilarious if the scene devs were just waiting on xecuter to try and make money to drop a softmod.

  4. sjeep

    This is article is totally wrong. Both hexkyz and SciresM have stated publicly that there is not likely to be a softmod for the newer units. Also, Team Xecuter’s product is not a “dongle,” it is a soldered modchip. Solderless clip-on versions are expected to be on the horizon soon. All of the information hexkyz and SciresM have been posting was obtained by decrypting SXOS. Funny how no one is accusing them of stealing code though.

  5. Staffel

    I don’t see how this translates into a softmod. Maybe clones of the chip will get on the market faster, but softmod?

  6. the doc wassup

    Next TX is gonna sue him for misuse of intellectual property *manages to facepalm and roll eyes up at the same time*

  7. Maav

    What the heck is going up with Wololo’s font on blog post pages? They’re looking super jagged on my 4K display, antialiasing is clearly not working for them

    They work just fine on the replies text box (like this one) and the main page though; the issue is exclusively with blog post body.

  8. Nero

    Funny how when tx steals from mike it’s a big no no and they get hated for it. But when he does it to them, people act like he’s a god.