PSVita & Switch News: A look at cuevavirus’ feat in getting vitaQuake running @ 1080p on the PSTV & its implications on some commercial titles + Checking out Atmosphere’s Beefed Up Roadmap


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  1. i m thinking wololo might not be that dead after all

  2. teakhanirons says:

    wololo redeemed

  3. fryui says:


  4. teakhanirons says:


  5. z.e.t.t.s.h.u.s.b.a.n.d says:

    Wololo is alive and well! Quake 1 we are making progress

  6. Robert Matheson says:

    So if your PSTV is set at 720p for quake, will it render at 1080 and then downconvert to 720?

  7. anon says:

    I’m assuming the PSTV would still output at 1080i for this though, right?

  8. John Farrant says:

    With the release of SmileBasic 4.3, hacking the Switch becomes a pointless exercise. There are close on 800 games and utilities available for download with a single ticket. I could list the possibilities SB offers but I’d be here forever.

  9. mikey says:

    What next? An article on Atari 2600 Pacman on the vita… Get a grip ladies.