PlayStation Classic & 3DS News: AutoBleem 0.9 & RetroBoot 1.1 released for the PSC & Luma 3DS 10.1/10.1.1 released with faster shutdowns, BPS patch support and FW 4.x Boot Fix


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  1. Rean says:

    The new Luma3DS update is awesome.. feels so smooth

  2. ksp says:

    Two minutes after 10.1.1 comes out 10.1.2 comes out to patch 10.1.1. LOL
    Good to see Covid has everyone in a rut.

  3. Smoker1 says:

    Also for N3DS only, a User named Masterfeizz has been working on N64 Emulation. DaedalusX64-3DS is still VERY early, but there are some Games, like SM64 that if the Project gets good enough Work going into it, could become Playable much more than it is now.
    as it stands now, SM64 can not Display certain Messages, it is a little slow, and there are some Graphic Issues, unless you like seeing a Gap in Mario’s Face where his smile should be. LOL

  4. says:


  5. Ivo2376 says:

    Autobleem heh
    Can somebody write a gnome-builder-selection With all of github in it?
    Orbital needs its OWN toolchain with vdpm like distributienet!