PSVita News: SKGleba releases psp2hfw, a toolset for creating Hybrid Firmwares – You can use Ensō on 3.67+, dual boot and test stuff on different firmwares easily!


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  1. quackbla says:

    So if I boot from a newer firmware for psn but still switch back to older ones for homebrews this allows hacks to be undetectable from Sony or are there still leftover things that could ban my account?

  2. aytug25 says:

    with modoru, we can downgrade any version we wanted. And with ref00d plugin ve can play all games on 3.60 or 3.65 fw. So i think no big deal to use hybrit firmware. At least using 3.60-3.65 has no brick risk, because of ‘os0’ and ‘vs0’ partitions.

  3. Demian says:

    Downgrading to another firmware means that you’ll be using whichever bootloader comes with that firmware version. If that weren’t the case, then the vulnerable bootloader from an older OFW (i.e. 3.60 OFW) would had been the same on all the next OFW versions which is not true, that’s where psp2hfw comes to the game.

    But sticking with 3.60/3.65, doesn’t allow you to test how your homebrew behaves on any other firmware under Ensö, and how it could be enhanced to overcome such problems if they would arise.
    psp2hfw is more usefull for devs in so many ways. The final user shouldn’t experiment with such features, because of the risks involved.

    An even though devs try yo make things simple to the final user, many of them are way too st#*id and always find a way to ruin things out.

  4. zafruf says:


  5. Well, I know what I’ll be trying out on my spare Vita!