Saints Row: The Third Remaster coming to XB1, PS4 and Epic Games


I enjoy hacking Sony/Nintendo consoles. <3

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  1. NakedFaerie says:

    What is the Switch version? I think thats the remake so this is the first time ever the Switch version was released before the PS4/Xb1 versions.

    Will there be a SR4 remake also? That just got released on Switch last week.

    • enderzombie says:

      I think the Switch version was a port with the original graphics, not the new ones. I hope they remake SR4 as I love that game too.

      • Azure7th says:

        yo, i never played the saint row 3 or 4. Looks like fun which one should I buy first for the switch?

        • Twigg4075 says:

          3 is a MUCH better game.

        • enderzombie says:

          3 has alot more polish and (arguably) a better story, but 4 has superpowers, alien spaceships and stuff like that. I would say that 3 is better overall though

  2. SHAWN SLATER says:

    That just made my day. I love SR3 best of the games i think. I just finished playing SR4 again thinking i want to play 3 and wishing with reckless abandon they would make a SR5 HAHA. However this will do nicely for now.

  3. Twigg4075 says:

    Yeah, definitely not. The Switch couldn’t handle the graphics boost of this remaster. In regards to SR4, it’s already been released for PS4/XB1. Why would they need a remaster?
    What they need to do is remaster 1 & 2.

    • Dark Pulse says:

      2 is getting remastered, at least on PC. They found the source code for that version again and are working on it, and it’ll include all the console-only DLC the original PC release never got.

      I’d bet that once that’s out it’ll get ported to other platforms.

      • enderzombie says:

        I haven’t played 1 or 2 as much as I would like, so when (and if) the SR2 remaster releases, I’ll definetly be getting that

  4. Pop says:

    Why? It’s not even that old and the graphics hold up. This is stupid and lazy. I’d also wager they don’t get the old tracks back in some cases.

    They should do something new or remake/ reimagine some classics.