Is the PSP worth it in 2020?


I enjoy hacking Sony/Nintendo consoles. <3

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  1. FFTW says:

    the PSP is an awesome handheld. Definitely worth it.

    • Zer013K says:

      Nah man, I say go for the psvita it is both of the best handheld world of Sony gaming

  2. Creatura says:

    I dusted off my PSP a couple of days ago and it was a blast. Having all the portable consoles, the PSP has a very special place in my heart. Yes, Vita is objectively better, but PSP is a relic. Playing games ad-hoc PSP-Vita (adrenaline) is a very memorable experience. The fact that I got mine with a case for about $5-$7 makes it even better.

  3. nnot says:

    Ps1 emulation I rest my case

  4. VidJa says:

    Wow, this post came the day I decided to ditch my vita, well give it to my kid. I had a Psp, until the day could install adrenaline in my vita. Then I donate it. Right now MI vita has the right stick drifting, so playing any vita games isn’t worth. I try in vain order some Stick, 3 times, 3 defective ones ( Amazon, alibaba, local eBay), so this morning I decided to buy me switch lite, to play with my along my wife’s switch.

    My kid, will play in the vita, mainly minecraft. But for the moment I’ll say bye bye to it. It was worthy.

    Farewell my friend, it’s been a long time.

    By the way, thanks wololo for all the tutorial last year with the sd2vita and ds4 was a blast.

    • omar rana says:

      You can analogerfixer plugin. Worked for me

    • omar rana says:

      did you try the analogenhancer plugin? its fixed my stick

    • Klaus says:

      You may apply some “Kontakt 60+” (for sure there is an international brand as well) to the bottom of the stick, run it a couple of times in all directions and blue some air there afterwards. That way I fixed 2vitas, years ago and they still work well. You don’t even need to open it anyway

  5. Jack Colon says:

    One stick = not worth it imho. I don’t remember the games as much as I remember “the claw” 😛

  6. FrankBlack says:

    It is worth for sure! This little handheld make my adolescence!!

    • Adrenaline boy says:

      I just sold my 3ds and 2ds few weeks ago, thats when i pull out my vita whos collecting dust. It was a blast! Though i was just playing PSP games on my Vita. (Hurray for tekken 6 and dissidia)
      I think having a PSP in this 2020 is still cool, i just miss those ad hoc days on monster hunter 2.

      • RedLikeRoses says:

        Have you heard of PSP Online? They do stuff like this and play together in PSP games frequently. It’s a pretty cool place!

  7. Carl Brody Shatner says:

    The Vita introduced the Best D-Pad ever made along with phenomenal build quality.

  8. Aaron says:

    Worth noting that you can buy a SD card to PSP memory stick adapter. The one I have takes two SD cards and combines them into one MagicStick Pro.

    • Ichijoe says:

      You can also to this for the Vita as well. And, unlike the PSP the Vita at least had more Games going for it. I think a lot of us forget exactly why the Vita failed. Sure it’s all to easy to point at the overpriced Memory Cards. I would argue on the other hand that it was S0NY European division flogging tat like Paris Walks and UMD Movies over actual Game content. Sold at then PS2 / XBOX AAA box prices that won done it for me. Plus the utter pi55take taken by SCEE to literaly abandon it less then 18 months after its launch. Not a good look for you. When you are also demanding exorbitant prices on the aforementioned Memory Cards.

      • Aaron says:

        The difference for the Vita and PSP SD card adapters is that the Vita requires a hack and the card be installed in the game cartridge slot, the PSP one does not require any extra software or utilities.

    • enderzombie says:

      My dad bought one of these for his PSP, i’ll definetly grab one too.

  9. sadguy says:

    phones doesn’t have physical buttons, so PSP is always better, no matter the power.

  10. JutinCase says:

    Why don’t just use an (old) smartphone with PPSSPP?

  11. Ichijoe says:

    What’s the point of a PSP when you can have a PSVita running Adrenaline which does everything the original did Shoutcast, Homebrew, and PS1. I don’t see any personal need of a PSP, or indeed another one. Unless I was into Console collecting every literation of the device.

    • enderzombie says:

      Like you said, one reason would be for console collecting. For me, it has a special place. It was one of the first handheld consoles I ever had, which is why I love it. yes, the Vita does everything the PSP does (and it does it better), but a PSP holds nostalgia for some peopel (including me).

  12. Jerk off says:

    The Po_rn Station Portable? About all it was good for in the end was the browser… sony should have had a portable system that second screens the ps4 flawlessly by now, I see no reason to have one, if you wanna play gameboy games you got a phone that can easily emulate anything or here’s an idea get yourself a freaking gameboy. So in my opinion F the PSP

    • enderzombie says:

      From my memory, I used to find the browser extremely irritating. When emulating with a phone, touch-screen controls are horrid (and if you use a controller, you’ll have to bring that with you). Gameboy’s can be more expensive than PSP’s (depending on where you buy from)

      • ||| says:

        1. the psp browser was bad, maybe you forgot this
        2. many prefer physical buttons to play emulators with rather than using onscreen touch controls that get in the way of the actual game
        3. the vita already streams many ps4 games

  13. RonyeBTF says:

    Still carry anywhere my PSP GO.
    Is pretty small, had a decent battery and i can play all of my favorite PSP, PS1, SNES, GBA, MegaDrive.
    Yeah i can do the same things with a smartphone but i don’t like the thouch input, thus, i usualy need the phone to stay charge for when i realy need, so…

  14. omar rana says:

    I think vita is worth in 2020.psp maybe not, 5 year old kid even wants touch screen.

  15. sfa2miki says:

    Is the PSP worth it in 3000? Of course, is the best!…

  16. artax says:

    Don’t forget that owning PSP games physically is cool so +1 for physical media/collecting. AND PSPs can run off the AC adapter without a battery in it, so when the battery dies and bloats and you need to remove it, it is STILL PLAYABLE! (Unlike most handhelds).

  17. Jiro says:

    The PSP has either a blurry screen or a badly interlaced screen. A Vita can run anything a PSP can and its screen is fine.

    I’d say that a Vita would be worth it (to be used as a PSP half the time). Even though it wasn’t the most popular system, the Vita and PSP had a lot of unique games.

    Obviously it does depend on whether you can afford a Vita.

    • enderzombie says:

      I’ve never seen (or noticed) a PSP have a blurry screen. Maybe im just used to it though.

      • Jiro says:

        It’s the early models that have blur on moving objects, the 3000 model does not (but it has the interlacing problem, which is not technically interlacing but something else, but it looks like interlacing).

  18. The psp is the best portable gaming emulator when it comes down to it. So I would agree it’s still worth getting one in 2020.

  19. emuashui says:

    The monster hunting using the PSP’s unique “C-stick” is a precious memory, whether with friends or battle alone. You recall how tired the left fingers also how cheerful at the sudden moment the monster down.

  20. Vita=Lyfe says:

    Nah, since the PSV is completely hacked now, just go with that rather than the PSP.

  21. RedLikeRoses says:

    PS Vita Adrenaline lacks the “Media Engine” which is a huge downside to PSP programs that aggressively use the Media Engine to run faster. But hey, I’m a PSP developer, what do I know.

  22. luke says:

    The console ain’t worth it now. Vita is getting cheap. Sturdier build, better screen, buttons, more power for mod… PSP can be emulated on phone and PC if you don’t want.

    Game library wide, PSP leaves a legacy to give life to a failed platform like Vita.

  23. Pop says:

    Silly question. It’s surprisingly perfect. It does great emulation, it’s sturdy, and versitile. I wish I could upgrade some components, but otherwise it’s amazing.

    I own the project diva games and out of a vita, ps3, 3ds, and switch the psp has the most solid feel. The button placement is perfect and j like the switch it does t cramp my hand. It also reminds me of my youth with the ps1 emulation. And the emulators have a great set up where it can rewind or upscale old games. I had hours playing gba Mario games and on the go it’s perfect for a quick level and then tuck away.

  24. GilgameshThePugilist says:

    I still love my PSP, but if you’re looking to get (or replace) one, I’d say go for a Vita. With Adrenaline and Enso, it can do everything a PSP can do and more (second joystick mapping, etc), plus it’s not that much more expensive – a Vita runs for as much as a PSP Go. Maybe if you could find a quality PSP for $50 or less, but otherwise, pony up $20 more and get a Vita.

  25. Demian says:

    I’ve like 4 PSP’s, but I don’t play games from its catalogue at all, I rather emulate on them, that’s what’s worth more of them for me.
    The “official” catalogue of games are of no interest for me, I don’t like most games released for the PSP (and the Vita for that matter).
    I use my PSP’s/Vita’s for emulation and indie games.

    So yes, the PSP is still worth it on 2020… for emulation.

    The Vita too for the same reason.

  26. NakedFaerie says:

    My PSP GO battery just died.
    I delayed a hospital stay due to waiting for the replacement battery to arrive.
    The new battery arrived, i replaced it and 2 hours later went to hospital for a week.
    There was no way i was going to stay in hospital without my consoles which includes my favorite of all time the PSPGO.

    Its hard to decide which is better, thr PSPGO or the Vita. I prefer the PSPGO due to its size and slide up screen but the Vita has so many features its the PS3 of portables.
    I keep saying the Vita is a Switch killer if you promote it properly which $ony was too stupid to do.

    So in the end, yea the PSP is still worth it. Its got lots of fun games, lots or homebrew, a very good console.
    If you want a handheld that little bit better then get the Vita.

  27. Csgo says:

    Its WORTH IT if you dont have a gaming pc

    *** I emulate psp games on my pc and its 10x better than playing on the psp itself.

    Controller? I use an xbox usb controller.

    Emulating psp games from a pc is like ripping open a completely different ***.

  28. K44sK0ph says:

    Not if you own a PSVita with Henkaku.
    Otherwise yes the PSP is a great handheld.

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