Switch News: Team Xecuter announce that pre-orders for SX Core/Lite will start this week with review/test units to be shipped in the coming days – CFWs will be supported giving hope that we may also see support for Atmosphere!


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7 Responses

  1. KyoujinMatt says:

    I hope its below 20$, I’d take one without sx os. What about people who have bought sx os earlier do they have to pay for it again? What do you guys think? Im very happy and grateful anyway.

    • me says:

      doubtful, no money to be made then, even the regular dongles cost more than that, likely closer to 50+

    • Natalie says:

      Expect $50 at the cheapest… I can’t see them doing anything for less.

  2. gferty says:


  3. Robert says:

    I didn’t expect them to release the Nintendo Switch Lite version of the hack. Testing early is good, i don’t think both hacks will be officially released at the same time tho.

  4. CarlTrek says:

    Why this thing give me a feeling of Xbox 360 RGH + dual NAND ?