Save the date: PSP Homebrew Developer Conference on March 28th


We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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  1. sfa2miki says:

    heck yeah!… this is awesome, PSP got greats homebrews. Hope the support for online games still continues, only for now lives “myneighborsushicat”…

  2. Mittens says:

    The PSP is definitely not the best handheld there ever was. It’s hardly better than the DS, 3DS, Switch, and even the Vita. It was a fairly good handheld, but looking back, I never had as much fun on it as I did these other handhelds.

  3. asret says:


  4. nomanisanisland says:


    • RedLikeRoses says:

      Good question. Probably working at Sony or chilling with his wife and kids. We have no way to reach him anyways.

  5. yyy says:

    why PSP when it’s long dead eons ago? Any of the in market consoles will generate more interest than dragging a dead horse out of its grave…

    • zfreeman says:

      It’s one of the few systems that can emulate N64 decently.

    • RedLikeRoses says:

      PSP Homebrew has been more active than ever with 16+ devs actively working on 20-25 projects. Our developer count continues to grow as more people continue to work, and the PSP scene is expanding with new technological tools.

  6. Lollypop says:

    Cant we just see a simpler installer clean script? That staged cleans the system and personal space with an iso download.
    So that is:
    Apt clean reinstall and clean from iso
    Wipe docs and personals files
    In a shellscript so that we can stage2 and stage4 ish or other emus or the desktop or server??????

  7. qubits_ says:

    240p test suite for crt users would be great.

    The ps1 eboot does not work on pso.