PSVita & Switch News: SphereSolid to make another run of PSVSD chips allowing for internal microSD cards on PSVita Wi-Fi+3G models & m4xw releases a new PPSSPP build for the Switch while the Cursed Souls mod gets ported to the console


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    I have a 3G Model with the MicroSD Adapter in place. Only problem is, if I want to take OUT the card, I have to open it up to get at it. If the new Adapter for it would allow Users to simply use the 3G Card Slot, that would work out MUCH better. But then again, for right now, I have plenty of Space left, so I wont be needing to get at it for a while.

    UX0 – 512GB (3G Card)
    UMA0 – 400GB (Game Card Slot)
    IMC0 – 64GB (Actual Vita MC)

    Only thing I dont get…….the Accessory Port on the 1st Gen/3G Model….the heck did they have planned for that???? Shouldnt they have already have a Device or Cable/Connector already made out for it and ready for use WITH the System????? Kind of a waist that they did not have anything for it after they released the Device. Did they have ANYTHING for it? FM Receiver, HDTV Receiver, something??? I know the PSP had a TV Receiver (JP Only). Speaking of which, is there a Translation Patch or something for it???????