PlayStation 4 News: TheFlow advises to stay on FW 6.20 or below if you want to hack your console – kxploit currently in the works!


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  1. Javed says:

    Finally some good news.

  2. MFSGameplay says:

    Yaaay! Even though mines is hack already.

  3. DSpider says:

    “… not able to play games released after January 2018”.

    This is incorrect. God of War 2018 came out in April 2018 and it required 5.05 “out of the box”, with a day-1 patch that required 5.50. That’s the latest game you can play on a 5.05 PS4.

    I know because I deliberately held off on playing this game after reading some of the reviews that played it without any game updates. I said “no, thanks”. Today’s developer mentality is “release now, fix later.” You get a significantly inferior product if you don’t update your games, and when the online services will be cut off (like what happened to the Wii Store), your disc-based games are gonna be buggy messes.

    That’s why I usually wait 6-12 months to play a game. Not to mention you almost always get a “deluxe edition” or a “GOTY” (game of the year) edition, obviously with the latest patches included.

  4. sdertr says:


  5. Nahuel says:

    Is there any bundle ps4 which “should” come with firmware 6.20 or less?

  6. maskmark says:

    usually,w when THE FLOW says soon, he means soon.

  7. ThunderJaw says:

    frick already updated *** flow

  8. LAP87 says:

    well fugg, i’m already at 7.0 with my ps4 pro since i didn’t think there would be any news >_>

  9. Kindren says:

    You mean I might actually be able to play my copies of Spiderman and Valkyria Chronicles 4? That’s the best news I’ve heard in two years!

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    Yay more games to play.

  11. Nahuel says:

    Is there any particular bundle PS4 which should come with firmware 6.20 or less?

  12. Sky Yuki says:

    Already sold my OG PS4 5.05 for PS4 Pro (latest version)
    After two years, I’m convinced that no hack will ever come for PS4 anymore lol.
    But I’m sure TheFlow will deliver.

    • Korleone says:

      Don’t expect a 7.1 kexploit not even a web exploit. My PS4 in 6.20 has been sleeping for several years because I was waiting for this so we will have to wait 3-4 years for the 7.1 and by then it will be like the PS3 it will be obsolete and everyone will talk about the PS6 but the PS4 will be out of date at all!

  13. Daddy Sai says:

    Bought it on n it was 6.20 n i kept it on 6.20. the vita scene taught me not to update anything else the is something for that firmware. Bought my vita on 1.05 updated to 3.01 without understanding anything about the scene but i kept it there until the big leak then updated to 3.18

  14. HE1NZ says:

    Anybody know the best way to update from 5.05 to 6.20? Which games shipped with it?

  15. Q_R says:

    safe to say 6.51 won’t be making the cut?

    I juuust got one and haven’t updated yet and not holding my breath

    buttttt I honestly thought the webkit went up to last firmware before 7.00

    or was that the public CVE patched that was never actually exploited

  16. MunchMiller says:

    “2018/12/12 System Software Update 6.20 for PlayStation 4 Systems – 2019/03/07 System Software Update 6.50 for PlayStation 4 Systems”

    Straight from Playstation website. Likely anything released up to April 2019, should run on 6.20 before 6.50 was mandated.

  17. Anony says:

    I have two PS4, one pro version and other older version. I kept PS4 pro up to dat it’s now on firmware 7.0. The older one is still on Firmware 5.05 haven’t touched it for more than a year now. Soon I will be able to take the dust out of it. Glad I didn’t sold it.

  18. Toiletglasses says:

    Well, this was to be expected since last year, since the kexploits that have been private had to be released before PS5 release. What would be the point to hold onto them?

  19. standarduk says:

    Imm grabbing the 6.20 PUP now just in case lol

  20. evilpaul says:

    Sony updated my firmware despite that setting having been turned off for over a year w/o any interaction from me. So now my PS4 Pro is on 6.51 or some ***. I guess it auto-installed because my power went out and came back on? *** me that’s wonderful.

    Which PS4 Pro versions are still available on 6.20 or lower from retail?

  21. Niga says:

    i personaly dont much care cos i have a modern pc – plain cracked games, hav ps4 with 6.00 almoust 2 yrs now

  22. vivissimus says:


  23. YES! But oh man i’m waiting for 6.72 kernel exploit

  24. evilpaul says:

    Anyone know which PS Pro bundles are on 6.20 or earlier?

  25. Whisper says:

    Oh man, i think my pro is 6.51 when i buy it second hand. Crappy luck, should i sell it?

    • Tom Bearnees says:

      Sell that, and any PS4 you have if you are waiting for an exploit. Not going to happen.

    • Munchmiller says:

      All firmwares are exploited in private. They will be released eventually, so really, if you have a good PS4 Pro, just keep it and eventually, you will be able to run HEN in the future.

  26. anonymousina says:

    im still playing my ps4 5.05, so much games i never played on that firmware, glad to hear for 6.2 now i can play more games