PS4: PS4 Devkit Teardown pictures posted by Al Azif


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12 Responses

  1. Emmanuel says:


  2. Balob says:

    7.xx exploit confirmed

  3. meysam says:

    first !!!!

  4. Abraham the gr8 says:


  5. Andrew says:

    5 out of 6 comments are “first” XD
    get a life

  6. Vitor says:

    Huge amount of picture = 5 pictures LoL

    • Tomas says:

      “We reproduce a few of them below.” = 5.
      But yeah, 23 pictures in source (as of right now, 13h after the twitter post) is not huge according to me.

  7. mten666 says:

    Yeah, I just gave up on the scene and became an official user again. I still have my cracked PS4 Pro, but I bought a new, glacier white colored one on Black Friday and started to build my PS4 game disc collection and I love it. I’m not against pirating stuff, since I still use a hacked Switch, but I kinda see it from a different angle now. If you have the means and the money, please support your favorite devs.

  8. Santino Lee says:


  1. March 5, 2020

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