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iOS Jailbreaking: You can now run Android 10 natively on your iPhone 7/7+ thanks to Project Sandcastle! – Support for other devices currently in the works


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  1. lPitFall says:


  2. rj says:

    Why not? If you can play the legend of zelda on a graphing calculator vs a native console, why would you? If you could play doom on your fridge instead of using it to cool food, why? Because you can and the guy who didnt watch the youtube tutorial and never will is going to be jealous when he cant.

  3. Ftyre says:


  4. JustAnotherOne says:

    any jailbreak for iphone xs on ios 13.3.1?

  5. Deco says:

    Or just buy an actual Android device…

    Also there was news that you can now jailbreak your iOS devices using Android device rather than using a Mac.

  6. EinOwl says:

    “for other devices”
    Okay, waiting for Vita now..

  7. lollypop says:

    are there ports for various devices/ architectures ? iphone8 9 X 11 ? with checkra1n or other terminal ?
    cydia repo ?
    i get a CPU Bad architecture kinda error when i load the command in a terminal …
    is there a cydia for checkm8te yet ? i want checkers …
    keep up the phaze