PS4 & Vita News: RetroArch for PS4 updated to version 1.8.4, has multi controller support, added cores and more & Catherine: Full Body for the PSVita receives an English patch thanks to froid_san!


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  1. Renato Rodrigues says:

    Why couldn’t he rip the texts from the PS4 version?

    • Stranger_Alien says:

      Probably game’s on a higher version that is allowed to be decrypted at this time (otherwise the current PS4 hack would work for every game out there).

      • Raiden_setsuna says:

        Exactly this. If you go to his page he mentions that he’s going to have a decrypted file soon and update the patch. This level of dedication is awesome, to do this as a manual translation.

  2. xenni says:


  3. Joe G says:

    From one valentine’s day (Catherine released) to another (Froid San’s patch for vita)
    Thank you so much. i have been dying to play this on the Vita.

  4. Andie says:

    Love the fact that VITA emulation is finally getting there!
    However, the “Full Body” version of Catherine is vastly inferior compared to the classic.
    It completely ruins the balance and mood of the story and characters, and makes the gameplay much easier to boot.
    Since the Classic version is on just about all consoles + PC, I highly recommend first-timers to play it first.

  5. Kikikaikai says:

    so this is a fan-sub basically

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