Switch News: Team Xecuter begin the testing phase for upcoming Switch hacking solution & up to 300 modders can sign up to receive a pre-production unit – Names revealed to be SX Core and SX Lite!


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  1. crotyt says:


  2. vb_encryption_vb says:

    I see no reason why I wouldn’t be selected. I’ve only done 500 hard mods for 3ds at gbatemp

  3. A Wild MOD says:

    F TX, bunch of money grabbers.

    • Insane says:

      Yeah, how dare they create a modchip then give 300 testers for free in order to improve the product. We all know TX will end up selling the modchips and make a profit. Making money should be illegal.

  1. February 16, 2020

    […] this week, Team Xecuter announced the start of the testing phase for their upcoming SX Core and SX Lite hacking… for ipatched/mariko units and Switch Lite units […]