News: Pwn20wnd manages to install Cydia on A13 devices running iOS 13.3 with Azad’s recently released kernel exploit & a Quick Look at Dolphin’s December ’19/January ’20 progress report


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  2. captainking says:

    Awesome update. thanks Aurora

    • captainking says:

      Wanted to highlight this warning regarding the new 30fps fix:
      “So, to our many users suffering from framepacing issues in 30 FPS games, there’s a new option in the hacks menu called “Skip Presenting Duplicate Frames,” which, when enabled is the old behavior.

      Given that Immediately Present XFB Copies is a hack and does not work in many games, this solution is still very important as it gives us a correct way to achieve smoother output across a wider variety of titles.”

    • mustb says:

      s u c c auro d i c c