PS4 & Switch Releases: PS4HEN 2.1.2 released with FW 7.02 spoof, support for external HDDs w/ 7.xx and Debug Trophies Support; Switch gets NXController 1.0.1 letting you play games with a keyboard!


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10 Responses

  1. evilpaul says:


    The PS4 thing is from… May. More recent than I’d expect for PS4 developments though, to be fair.

  2. Klu says:

    We: We are waiting new kernel exploit
    Devs: We released hen and backport games.

    Scene is Dead.

    • SiliconExarch says:

      At least the backported games aren’t locked behind proprietary hardware like in the True Blue days of the PS3 scene. Great things are on the horizon, just don’t count on them happening before the PS5 is released.

  3. Pydarai visi says:

    Can someone explain to me what is the benefit of firmware spoof? Just for show off?

  4. Matthias says:

    Where can i turn on fw 7.02 Spoof or is it integreated in hen? So if I run hen 2.1.2 it should spoof 7.02 automatically?

    With Hen 2.1.2 Can I play original games that requires 5.50+ like Spiderman, Detroid, Death Sranding,….