News: WerWolv releases Tesla, an in-game overlay solution for the Switch allowing for cheat menus, stat viewers and more & hacker RyanRocks, who leaked Switch-related material from Nintendo’s servers, risks spending years in jail for hacking and child pornography possesion


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  1. ooremo says:


  2. Quake says:

    It’s sad that you buy into all the ch-ld p-rn charges. Even after it was leaked a few years back that the C_A had programs that can put any thing on your device with out you knowing about it. Even locked iPhones. Aren’t you people suppose to be Tech Savoy? Seriously. If you’re going to start hacking things are you that dumb you’re going to leave other things on your device? Again, aren’t you people suppose to be Tech Savoy? Not defending the guy, nor am I condoning it. I just find it hard to believe someone is that dumb. Maybe over confident ARROGANCE would explain it. Please RE-read what I said about the C_A. Also these same programs were LEAKED! Google “CIA hacking programs leaked”. Don’t be Sheople!

    • Quake says:

      BTW, Anything that the C_A has you can bet on people in the FB_ has also. Isn’t it curious that the time that he was first charged was around the time the the programs were leaked? Do you understand what I’m saying? Or are you just sheople?