Pokemon Home to launch in February 2020 for $16 a year.


I enjoy hacking Sony/Nintendo consoles. <3

7 Responses

  1. TehCupcakes says:

    Greedy cash-grab.

    That is all.

  2. EinOwl says:

    Just another piece of shame…

  3. Andromeda 11 says:

    off topic: does the xecuter switch hack stop existing all of a sudden? or why is there no news about it?

  4. Thissitesucx says:

    You idiots call it a cash grab but that’s only because you expect everything for free.

    Learn the rules and pay the developer for server space and bandwidth and shut up

  5. Adevtoo says:

    Its a cash grab, all that functionality could of easily been added to the games…for example paying extra to see IVs/EVs… shame, basic functionality that could be added to any of their games. They clearly had to put more effort into developing this than just adding iv/ev stats from the game which would of been simple as displaying the stats that allready exist. they went out of their way to develop this 3rd party app/service purely for money.. not interested.