PS4 News: Fire30 releases WebKit exploit for PS4 FW 6.00-6.72 giving some hope to future developments


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14 Responses

  1. sadguy says:

    5.55 here… I’m still waiting for a jailbreak… I hope for 2020, before the PS5 release

  2. DamnSon says:

    I wish the Xbox 1 can be exploited too, people are practically throwing them away nowadays. Imagine running Windows 10 or Linux on the X1X.

    • Mido Sparda says:

      You’d be disappointed with that processor.
      Nothing is like a PC for multitasking

    • john bryant says:

      Game pass has made it almost pointless to hack

    • Pumpkinspiceb says:

      Xbox one just got a retroarch/libretro port through dev mode. You just need to switch your xbone back and forth to play retail games.

    • Gummibri says:

      @damnson dont need to hack it to run homerew. Literally just use the free link for dev program, enable dev mode, load your favorite uwp title.

  3. Saku says:

    I own 2 x ps4, bought the second one after growing tired of waiting. I hope I can put it too use soon. Later firmware of ps4 have many great games a hack would open up a great library for us. I don’t think Sony would be pleased by that. Perhaps after ps5 release, ps4 would get less attention by them and then hacking would be more interesting.

  4. joemami says:

    Cool but how about some news on FF7 demo back ported to 5.05! WOOOOHOOO!

  5. alakid says:

    people aren’t very interested in PS4 hacking, because the console is garbage. Sony is failing pretty big. their next console release is potentially going to be a make it or break deal for their future in gaming. i am not just saying this out of hate. Sony has been growing less popular for a reason. shoot… it might be something to do with all the missing features we should have… it might have something to do with even first party titles performing like ***… it MIGHT have something to do with all misconceptions Sony purposely creates around their products… IT MIGHT EVEN have something to do with the sub-par quality of their technology. the point is, Sony has long since dragged their own good name through the mud and it is going to be really difficult to get clean again.

    i used to be a huge fan of PlayStation, but certainly won’t be buying the next-gen system.

  6. zz says:

    lets hope that when the ps5 hits this year, some cool exploit will be released. v7+ of the ps4 firmware now officially supports ds4 / remote play on android/ios/macos/window so that’s cool. one can only hope.
    I have a slim sitting on 5.55 for 1.5 years now and will not let it go 🙂

  7. Ksp says:

    Have 2 PS4s on 505. One slim and One Pro. Had no idea they would become so rare, had I known I would have picked up more. They were literally just sitting around at Toys R Us back the days. Lesson is always get low firm systems as soon as xploits are public. You never know how hard they are to hack.