News: RetroArch FINALLY gets released on PlayStation 4 with 25 cores including PS1, MAME and experimental Nintendo 64 emulators & VitaGrafix 5.0.0 released for the PSVita with re-written parser and more


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5 Responses

  1. Joe G says:

    Wow!! So exciting! Thank you to all who have worked so hard for this.

  2. Duke says:

    Deprived, not depraved.

  3. Gorote says:


  4. Matthew L says:

    Thank god. We really needed a big release for the PS4 scene. But until the SAMU is cracked the PS4 scene will never be like the PS3 scene.

  5. vKy says:

    Hey Guys does any one know how to connect two DualShock controllers to RetroArc PS4 ?
    I have one DS4 1st gen and one DS4 2nd gen
    By Default User 1 bindings are set as Ps4 Controller
    And when i try to set up user 2 bindings i see that i can set the device index to Ps4 Controller
    Doing so when i play a game such as Contra with 2 players, controller 1 controls both players.
    Any idea on the same ?