Nintendo Switch: Firmware 9.1.0 released and breaks Atmosphere & other CFWs – SciresM says changes are minor with Hexkyz already retrieving Master Key


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  1. fgaret says:


  2. nahucirujano says:

    My Vita with its adamantium-solid stability laughs at your rock-solid stability Nintendo Switch!

  3. j6000 says:

    I really love to stay so I can hack my nintendo switch. however, I have to update. there’s no point to stay if my switch is the patched switch.

  4. Hollisatme says:

    We can use emunand on 9.1.0.

    I have read this on a different article.

    I will update

  5. xl666 says:

    RIP reinx

  1. December 8, 2019

    […] 9.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch has been out for around 4 days but it won’t stop you from being on the latest FW with hacks this Christmas as two major CFWs […]