News: No$GBA 3.0 released with DSi emulation fixes and ability to load/disassemble 3DS FIRM files & AnalogsEnhancer 1.1, reScreeny and 0syscall6 plugins released for the PSVita!


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  1. Lerteru says:


  2. terratrack says:

    wow, no$gba still having life all these years later

  3. MillenniumEagle says:

    Big fan of No$GBA. I remember when I downloaded it something like a decade and a half ago and discovered you could actually play the games, instead of looking at low framerate garbage.

    I like where this emulator is going, progressing in ways others aren’t tackling with other emulators. Even if though DesMuMe is still the best go-to DS emulator for normal use nowadays, the future will be paved by the kind of bleeding edge efforts that nocash provides the world with, both in terms of development and research.