News: [Rumour Follow-Up] Team Xecuter hack for newer Switch consoles & Switch Lite said to be a hardware mod and some resellers are taking pre-orders; PSVita gets LOLITA500/444 plugins for always-on overclocking and power restriction removal!


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  1. Wetalo says:

    Does running the Vita overclock with Adrenaline mean potentially improved performance in PSP games? Or is that not the case?

  2. leeyt says:


  3. MillenniumEagle says:

    Woooot! Love the overclocking news! I should really get around to softmodding my PSTV now. Was thinking of actually attaching a big raspberry pi heat sink to the thing to improve overclocking thermals. Wonder how much that would help, compared to the metal shielding it already has?

  4. HE1NZ says:

    Maybe they should wait for Switch Pro revision before releasing this.

  1. November 20, 2019

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