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Release: Infinity 2.0 – Enables Permanent 6.6x Custom Firmware for all PSPs!

The Zett

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  1. Ximixurrix says:

    Lol I have CFW Pro, installed this and IT´S NOT PERMANENT, Sys info says it´s infinity, but anyway I have to run Fast Recovery anytime to play the isos. Homebrew runs w/o fast recovery

    • The Zett says:

      Rerun the Infinity homebrew, press LEFT and select PRO CFW as module to make it permanent.

      You installed Infinity, but didnt set an auto-boot CFW yet 🙂

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Homebrew runs w/o fast recovery because they’re signed applications. You also have to reboot your PSP after you set the CFW you want the system to boot in the Infinity 2 application. I found this out myself.

    • skittles says:

      same thing here, seems to not work with pro, will try lme instead…

  2. Orange Peel says:

    Hail! The Zett has returned!

  3. derpl says:

    works perfectly on my psp go 6.61
    nice job

  4. Bukkake Joe says:

    So… does this work on the OG PSP Phat?

    • The Zett says:

      It technically works with every PSP, but on the old PSP 1000 and the “hackable” PSP 2000s (all but the 88v3) it is still recommended to use a cIPL CFW instead (so either ME CFW or PRO + cIPL patch).

      Just on the newer devices (2000 88v3, all 3000s, E1000, PSPgo) you should most definitely be using Infinity 2.0, it is the best thing you can use on them (even 6.20 perma and Infinity v1.x are worse choices).

      • AntraX says:

        How is perma 6.20 worse choice? On PSP go I still have resume function, with infinite no, otherwise with compability I don’t see much difference, can you tell me some?

  5. Fryflex says:

    someone pinch me, i Just downgraded my psp go to 6.20…

  6. brandon says:

    help mine says the eboot file for infinity 2.0 is corrupted dada

  7. ZeroSbr says:

    Themes aren’t fixed for me. They were fixed at first, and I was able to change to a custom theme, but now when I go to themes none of my custom themes show up. I’m stuck with my Lord of the Rings theme, which isn’t a bad theme to be stuck on, but I’d still like the ability to use others.

    I’m certain I went through the process right. Used the Chronoswitch downgrader to get a clean 6.61 OFW, installed PRO-CFW, then Infinity 2.0. I’ve no idea what else my issue with themes could be.

  8. foires says:

    nice vid roraboi

  9. LM says:

    After so many years with temp FCWs it feels weird having a permanent CFW again

  10. skittles says:

    followed this guide to install pro 6.61 pro c2 on my psp go, why do i still have to run the fast recovery after reboot?
    isnt the infinity supposed to make it permanent?
    all it did is add an infinity symbol after the version number…

  11. brut says:

    i have only pro cfw on my psp why infinity gives me two choices pro cfw and me cfw?

  12. Nanospeedgamer says:

    not work, bricked psp

  13. Bigbow says:

    For me works great. I followed the guide and finaly cfw from boot on psp3000 6.61 with pro-c2

  14. Darton Staker says:

    Anyone else experiencing the pause/resume not working with the PRO-C cfw (disabled) and I have tried the with ME 2.3 (Extra Memory – disabled)

  15. Darton Staker says:

    Does anyone still have issues with the PSP Go pause/resume feature on PRO C or ME 2.3 – I still cannot get it to work – I have disabled the extra memory in ME 2.3 and still no luck.

    • The Zett says:

      You have to delete/override the currently paused game data after disabling the “unlock extra memory” feature in the recovery menu.

      Any “pause data” that was created while that option was enabled cannot be loaded.

  16. Long time no see The Zett. Good article and info as always

  17. ZeroSbr says:

    6.20 doesn’t support some of the later games like Summon Night 5. I don’t know what else would be wonky, but there’s no reason to stay on 6.20 regardless now.

  18. Byte says:

    I’m currently using 6.61 PRO C2-MOD (Yoti); C2 wasn’t the “latest” version as commits were still made. You may want to check that out.

    • Alfredo J Sanchez says:

      the one op uses here is “Latest 6.61 PRO-C2 (updated by Qwikrazor)” if you look at the date modification the Qwikrazor seems more recent but i still dont know if theres really some change or not, i think for safety we should be using the one is provided here right?

  19. Muggins says:

    Does anyone know if running ChronoSwitch 7.0 removes any mods done by cPIL_Flasher?

    • The Zett says:

      On a PSP 1000 & hackable 2000 is should certainly restore the IPL back to default.

      Never tried it on an unhackable 2000 or newer PSPs, but I assume that the cIPL installer refuses to run on a 3000, E1000 & PSPgo, so only the 2000 88v3 could be problematic.

  20. Alfredo J Sanchez says:

    after succesfully installing cfw and infinity 2.0 we can delete fast recovery, proupdate and infinity 2.0 files? or we still need to keep them on memory stick? thx for this new update on permanent cfw btw

    • The Zett says:

      After installing Infinity, the CFW and setting the CFW permanent (by launching the Infinity installer a second time and selecting a CFW module), you can delete all the installer/launcher files afterwards.

      All the important files will be stored in the PSP’s flash 🙂

      • Alfredo J Sanchez says:

        awesome! just did it and im so happy i dont have to worry again on fastupdate every time i switch it off lol. thank you for all the effort you put in this project 🙂

  21. deimtp says:

    Ah, update with new simplest way. Thanks for ur hardwork, dude, Davee, u make my day. Thanks 😀

  22. ROOKI3 says:

    Help!! having issues playing ps1 on psp go. I keep getting game couldn’t start error. Had it working fine on 6.60 lme. I didn’t save my popsloader files. How can I fix mt issue?

  23. ZeroSbr says:

    I’ve noticed no improvement from Infinity 1.x. Still can’t use custom themes.