Emulation News: Frangar manages to get full-speed GBA emulation on PSVita after fixing bug in gPSP’s dynarec & a quick look at Dolphin’s October 2019 progress report


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10 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    I’m confused… Full speed GBA emulation has been a thing for a long time on Vita. Used to play GBA games on mine all the time up until hacking my Switch, and all the games ran pretty much perfectly.

    • M says:

      Try golden sun then say that again.

    • migo says:

      no it wasn’t maybe for simple games, but you can go on testing other titles, without frame skip and such, and you will notice some titles struggle,…rockman zero 2 come to mind. you can catch out fo sync audio with other titles, and frame rate drops. is not a BIG issue, but it was present. So thanks for the developer for their hard work, GBA on Vita s OLED screen looks gorgeous. Also makes more sense playing GBA on Vita than on switch, for some reason using switch on the Go for GBA feels like a bit too much..

  2. EinOwl says:

    I hate dolphin developers, because you can’t just take and put an end to supporting 32x devices! Among them there are quite powerful devices, the emulator would perfectly show itself on them. Stupid people, I hate it.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      32-bit devices are outdated and rarely have the hardware necessary to run GameCube at any considerable speed. The Dolphin devs did what made sense for the emulator moving forward.

  3. evilpaul says:

    Is the gPSP core just crashing while trying to load most games for anyone else?

  4. evilpaul says:

    It works! Thank you.