News: [Rumour] Team Xecuter have been able to hack newer Switch and Switch Lite consoles; David-Ox shares VitaDock 3D printing files for anyone who wishes to create their own dock


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  1. Joe G says:

    Switch lite hack already!! Spooky…

    Btw, is Vita native resolution for psp games still on?
    Please share the news as soon as you have any.

  2. XsTatiC says:

    If the news is coming from GaryOPA, I’d trust it. Old School. Based in Toronto. Way back I sc*** up a solder on an original xbox xecutor chip, lifted a trace. He fixed it in minutes. Hadn’t seen his name in ages.

    Lots of people have issues with closed source, paid chips like what Team Xecutor is known for. I don’t. From original Xbox to Wii, I’ve modded a lot of consoles back in the day. I always preferred the hardmods/chips and having a switch to go back to stock.

  3. PlayerOne says:

    lmao, team xecuter hasn’t done anything in terms of hacking other than stealing people’s hacks. Still waiting for their xbox one hack. Oh wait, the scene hasn’t released one yet for them to steal.

  4. foforer says:

    better battery o cmon dumb torappu, its better soc efficiency

  5. Renj4 says:

    You should add that Hexkys already confirmed the rumour to be fake like a day ago

  6. Drk says:

    And no one hack ps4

  7. lightning says:

    If Gary says it’s true then it’s true. He’s an OG of the paid hacking scene.
    Again, if there is a profit to be made, then humanity will find a way.

  8. mustard says:

    the TX stuff is confirmed to be fake info people gave to the TX “PR team” to see if they actually believed it with no proof whatsoever and to no one surprise they did

  9. FFTW says:

    WOW! certainly hope there is a new hack! 🙂

  10. BiscuitPanic says:

    The Switch Lite may be the best possible mobile emulation station when it gets hacked given the power it packs and the price. I don’t know why people are still bothering with the Vita.

  11. ZakWaRRioR says:

    BS Team xecuter always claimed hacks maes from other teams, even when i hacked the new xbox 360 corona mmc system with a free for all pdf, they used that for their products and claimed they did it and never gave credits. So this is just a big fake, like their old xbox one hack we’re still waiting for…

  12. duhduh says:

    oooooor, it could be a marketing method to sell more sx codes, who knows..

    whether it’s true or not we can only wait

  1. November 12, 2019

    […] Around two weeks ago, GaryOPA wrote a post on his website MaxConsole and on the frontpage of GBATemp that Team Xecuter had been able to hack newer Switch units (ipatched & mariko) and the Switch Lite. […]