PSVita News: Crash-Cortez publicly shares VitaDock software after xCorra, its creator, seemingly disappears from the internet! – IndieGoGo backers brace yourselves


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  1. scoobyscrub says:

    Best Vita news I’ve seen in awhile, can’t wait to get into P4G on the big screen.
    That being said, my Pi is a 3B and not a 3B+, anyone know if that should cause any issues? Afaik the only major difference between the two is ethernet/wireless speed, which shouldn’t(?) impact this software.

    • scoobyscrub says:

      Well if anyone was wondering it works like a charm, though I’m not sure what the SwitchtoPSTV.vpk is for here. I installed the app but all it does for me is pull up a black screen on my Vita.
      Without it everything works fine, including the automated screen shutoff when plugged in, so no sweat I guess.

    • Blender says:

      It should work just fine

  2. Faofet says:


  3. MOD says:

    Sucks for all the IDGG backers that got sc*** for not getting their order.

  4. TRUTH00 says:

    It is sad that’s why i was waiting to see it released on eBay or amazon to get it. Pretty sure once released China was going to copy it and make it better. Kinda like the SD2Vita all those clones made pretty sure if the backers put $17,000 into it someone body was going to have a lot of money. I could do it if someone did the software side of it not hard to 3D print a dock

  5. Dr.waka says:

    I feel better about having 3ps Vitas now.

  6. Relys says:

    Looks like the project was already illegal as he would have violated Xerpi’s udcd-uvc copyright.

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