CTurt releases a new exploit… for the PS2!


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7 Responses

  1. housecat says:

    Rad to see a new exploit, but this could be clearer. Free McBoot works fine on all but the last couple models of Slim. I have it running on a 79000 and a 75001

  2. SheenuTheLegend says:

    A demo discs costs 10$ but a modchip just costs a dollar.
    But still this is great news for many as it will save the trouble of soldering.
    A reply to those also who are against releasing of any exploit on ps4 because they are worried that sony will patch it.
    This makes PS2 one of the best jailbreak scene ever.
    It was hacked a mere 2/3 months after and still seeing a very good apps and exploits 20 years after.

    • benjamin says:

      Modchips might be cheap, but unless you’re very skilled at soldering tiny wires, it’s not something you can do while having a lunchbreak. It’s lots of wires and takes some skill to do it right. In that respect, running a SW exploit is much easier.

  3. Munchmiller says:

    One final feature I’d love to see in a PS2 exploit, is direct booting of PS1 isos, or heck, even backups.

    I use my PS2 for PS1 games through component, and having to fiddle with “popstarter”, is just not practical at all. This is to say nothing of the compatibility.

    I really hope they find a way to direct boot PS1 stuff in the FMCB suite. Then, the PS2 would be complete.

  4. seba says:

    I have come by some different demo disk, which one is/are the better to use with it?