Hacking consoles: a learning journey (part 5)

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  1. Cleiton says:

    Everything was pretty cool though. Thanks!

    • TheOct0 says:

      No, thank you! It’s heartwarming to see that even on an article such as this one, people are supportive.

  2. Predator0808 says:

    Thank’s THEOCTO for all your hacking writeups!
    I’m waiting for upcoming ones regarding PS Vita.

    • TheOct0 says:

      Thank you very much! I can’t wait to publish the next one, and to get back on track with all of this 🙂
      Thanks for your continued support, it’s great to see you under every post I make 🙂
      Don’t hesitate to come on Twitter if you want to chat with me, I think my DMs should be open.
      In any case, see you under the next one!

  3. Harald Eisenmann says:

    Hopefully more people who shout for jailbreaks and exploits appreciate the hard work and value the amount of knowledge you need to have to actually break a system. Big mouth yelling and actually doing it are two very different things.

    • TheOct0 says:

      Yeah, that was a very real wall that I hit there. There’s a reason it’s called “Learning Journey” though, and apart from showcasing already existing hacks, I hope to show more people how much work and learning goes into this kind of things. And I also hope to get further into it myself, all while enabling others to have an “easier” way into hacking!

  4. Lennyvita says:

    If you are learning from your experience by gaining knowledge of programming and how to hack, it was a success. With defeat it makes people stronger and more determined. keep posting great articles and don’t’ ever give up on something that you enjoy. We all have to start somewhere.

    • TheOct0 says:

      Thanks a lot for your support! I’m trying to take this as an incentive to learn more, rather than a dead end 🙂

  5. kuro says:

    Really enjoyed the summaries of your exploits! Like what previous comments said, hopefully people can understand that the process of exploiting technology is not as easy as they think and will respect and appreciate the efforts that hackers put into them. I look forward to your next summary.

    • TheOct0 says:

      Yeah, I didn’t expect it to be easy in the slightest, but it looks like I sorely underestimated it anyways. Here’s to getting better!

  6. Joe G says:

    Thumb up for your resilience!

  7. Shame says:

    So that’s where Wololo’s team went back to (that level)? Lan.ST would chew and spit you out,

    • TheOct0 says:

      The idea behind this series is to follow a complete beginner (me) on his journey to learn console hacking.
      I’m not on “Wololo’s team”, he’s just kindly giving me a platform to post this.
      I understand that it might not be interesting for everyone to read about a newcomer and their struggle to get to a decent level, but I believe that this could be an interesting resource for anyone interested in following that same path. I’m just trying to learn, and to give other beginners an easier way into this world.

  8. Blade Hunter says:

    I enjoyed the series, A failure is just a learning opportunity. It would be cool if you could write one final writeup on how you would approach it differently if you were to do it again knowing what you know now and what other tools / tech you would arm yourself with :).

    • TheOct0 says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add a small section in my next post covering what I’d do differently if I had to try again, that sounds like a great idea 🙂

      • C'mon says:

        Your next post, is the one where you succeed, otherwise refrain from doing anything at all within this topic, That time could be used speaking to forum members and solving the solution.

  9. Peer says:

    I really liked these articles, my reason to check this site regularly. Thank you for sharing!