PS3 News: multiMAN 4.85 released coming with support for CFW 4.83 to 4.85 – First update to this highly popular backup manager since the release of FW 4.82!


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5 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Any improvement to ftp speeds?

    • spok says:

      i hope there will be proper HEN release while few games like GT6 or FIFA19 are not working with MM – is it with ManaGunZ or others?

  2. DBG says:

    My favourite feature is still NETISO support (even though there are other methods for doing this, I normally end up ripping an iso from a source game BD then transferring that over to NAS running ps3netsrv in Docker). Great way to have access to all of your titles without putting any wear on the disc, BD drive, or having to physically swap discs. Load times are also as good if not better than reading from disc. I’d love if FTP transfer speeds were improved… from my memory it’d take roughly 20 mins to transfer larger games while other managers were ~2x as fast.

  3. ZN says:

    It can now read ntfs?

  4. roreet says: