iOS Devices: axi0mX releases checkm8, an unpatchable bootrom exploit allowing for jailbreaks on every FW, downgrades, dualbooting and more! – Exploit works on A5-A11 devices including the iPhone X


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  1. mgplayer 47 says:

    so good

  2. Lars says:

    does this mean that i can jailbreak my ipad 2 to update to a newer version of ios?

    • Duke says:

      No man… You can’t update a non-compatible device to a newer iOS version… Why would you even want to do that? The iPad 2 is laggy as heck with its latest supported firmware as it is… Even if you could do this, it would be a nightmare of a lag machine :/ This bootrom exploit means that you can downgrade to any(compatible) non-signed firmware you want and also jailbreak…I think a bootrom exploit already exists for the iPad 2 actually…

  3. Donny says:

    Hopefully it’s time to start buying iCloud locked devices for the low

    • dude says:

      Sure, buy stolen devices

      • Someone says:

        It’s not always a stolen device, sometimes people on ebay sell iPhones and never mention that it has iCloud and when you receive said phone and try to ask them for the user/pass, they’ll either not want to give out the info or just say that it’s from someone else. I have lot’s of iPhones that have iCloud because of people like those. With this I’ll finally be able to remove them and sell them.

  4. ICrack says:

    What it means is if you example want to have an iphone with data only subscription (which is cheaper) and have a SIP trunk configure on it or even in pair with a FREEPBX for VoIP, it would work just like it does for Android. Apple doesn’t you to do this because they have deal with At$t, Verizon and Tmobile… but you save $$$ a year by doing so. Flowroute is a good SIP provider. I use this with my android for the last 4 years. Cost me 25$ a month for the Internet data and peanuts for the sip(1.25$).

    • Siphon says:

      I’ll share a very dark secret, man. You can download XLite sip client and use it on your iPhone without any exploits.

  5. Zai says:

    Does that mean I could bypass my old iPhone 5 icloud lock? I can’t remember my login *** and apple support gave me the middle finger…

  6. roreet says:


  1. October 10, 2019

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