SciresM doesn’t believe newer Switch units will see Atmosphere

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  1. JK0cr says:

    First, but crying

  2. Jason Rodriguez says:

    I’m surprised he said that. EVERY famous videogame system is eventually hacked. It could take time (PS3 took 4 years) but it always happens.

  3. Natalie says:

    I sold my hackable Switch to get the Let’s Go edition. I kinda regret it, but at the same time, I don’t. When I was messing around with hacks in the past, the fail-safes weren’t in place so I could have left unmovable files on the system that could be picked up on by Nintendo. I’ll stick with my current Switch and wait for a hack that’s as safe as it can be before I do it.

  4. Spaarks says:

    lazy. of course it will happen.

  5. russianguy says:

    I have “modded” Switch and all my gamer friends have one, I helped to make them all “atmospheric”. Nobody buys legit Nintendo games in Russia because of Nintendo policy here. They don’t care for us and we don’t care for them. On the other hand, Sony does much better, so neither me nor my friends ever “modded” PS3 or PS4 (vita is another thing – Sony forgot about vita (sadly) so all of the vitas around are “enso-ed’).

  6. qlum says:

    Just looking at the comment I don’t think he means the new switch will never get hacked but rather that it won’t get to the point where you can fully boot something like atmosphere

  7. Deco says:

    My personal favorite homebrew is tinfoil, it’s the tool that opened so many doors.

    Yes it will most likely get it. I can’t wait to buy the special edition. I already have the old switch with cfw and it’s sadly banned, hopefully this one will not suffer the same. (It got banned when cfw was a new thing, either way it doesn’t change a thing for me)

  8. Makak1984 says:

    I sill have my unpatched unit since it have way more options to play games for example using Linux – great stuff. Lots of people do not care about clean NAND backups for example to revert console to original state and use it to play online. RCM also is little pain on the ***, but using AutoRCM is handy but also problematic since console could discharge and desync battery – little help is provided by Reboot to Payload to properly turn OFF console (standard turn off kicks console to RCM that have not any indication that console is in this mode).

  9. dacore says:

    Xbox One hasn´t been hacked, right?

  10. solidsnake says:

    The real question is. Will you be patient enough to preorder the switch lite, not update its firmware, keep it on the shelf and wait for a hack? Because if there is a hack, will most likely only work on the first versions that get released.

  11. Smoker1 says:

    Purchased a Patched Switch from a Fry’s Electronics Store in Roseville, CA . Did not know about the HW Revision. Then just went on EBay to get a Unpatched Unit.

    Right now, I am loving Brutal Doom (gets sluggish depending on what PK3 Mods used). Also able to run MK Games in MAME2003 with little to no problems (Audio Issues/Crackling, but that is due to the Emu Build). Would be nice if RetroArch will include later MAME Core Builds for more Games.

    Also, the Reicast Alpha works great for some Games. Since it is an Alpha Build, of course there will be Issues. Thinking an Official Build from RetroArch (Flycast or the Flycast CE) might do better.

  12. Ethan Weegee says:

    This is almost certainly not true. One day, however far into the future, someone somewhere will manage to run Atmosphere on the Switch Lite. The homebrew scene doesn’t stop at expectations, and the Switch scene won’t be an exception.

  13. Ricardo. G. Martin says:

    I do have a hackable model but I haven’t done so still waiting on soft mod.

  14. hiscapo says:

    not atmosphere but there are another sripts that run in lower Official firmaware

  15. Ichnos says:

    4.1.0 patched unit was actually patched, and we know that the patched units between the 5.x and 7.x are next to be patched, and we know that for sure. We don’t have any news yet so we don’t know when but we’ll have a working exploit for patched units, the 8.x will never be hacked it seems