A look at the bounty for native resolution PSP emulation on the PSVita through its built-in PSP hardware – ColdBird says it’s possible to do and not just a pipe dream!


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  1. solidsnake says:

    This may be a dumb question but. Will this also include the Playstation 1 game rendering as well as homebrew, or is it strictly PSP games? Thank You.

    • thowersome says:

      It should be the whole emulation software as it will be rendering natively to the Vita’s resolution. Some Homebrew may look the same or just fuzzy due to stretching. These applications may need an update or resolution increase to make it look better. (Ie Nazi Zombies portable’s resolution maxes out at native PSP resolution but it will still project 480*272 due to it being the PSP’s native; similar to watching a 1080p movie on a 4K screen.)

    • DBG says:

      I don’t think it’s a dumb question at all. While this may be applicable to PSP homebrew, I don’t believe it is intended for PS1 titles since that uses a different rendering system/software.

      I remember trying out some of my favorite PSP games when I first bought my Vita on the system, and while some games looked decent, others scaled *horribly* and made the games much less enjoyable. I still have my launch PSP, with its one bright pixel , but this project is really interesting.

  2. Ethan Weegee says:

    This article seems a bit optimistic for what is the equivalent of someone saying:

    “It’s not impossible, you could technically do it somehow.”

  3. darkdranzer says:

    are someone interested in improving ps3 cfw to vita streaming? i would like to pay bounty if someone could improve it.

  4. feretrer says:


  5. Joe G says:

    Alright! I love the Future.
    It will be no less than a dream come true in strict sense of the words.

  6. sfa2miki says:

    Awesome! PSVita is a “PSP On Steroids” for real, the resolution and screen is very juicy to emulate PSP games. Developers and supporters, many thanks!

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