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Hacking consoles: a learning journey (part 2)

10 Responses

  1. Dannyfox says:

    Cannot wait for next article

    • TheOct0 says:

      I’m glad to hear that! The next article will have screenshots to make it easier to follow, so it should be even better

  2. Jacds says:

    Such a great series. I’m a software engineer myself, and an active gamer! I always had that feeling of wanting to try some console hacking, however never knew where to start (and my spare time didn’t really allow me to dive on that much). Thanks for this, and I’ll try to follow these articles as much as I can! 😀

    • TheOct0 says:

      Awesome! That’s exactly what I was going for, so it’s really heartwarming to see people such as you spontaneously say this. I’ll try and keep the series going and interesting, and hopefully you’ll stick with me on the ride!

  3. So when I first visited these forums, I had no idea of what was going on in the terms of console hacking, or hacking in general for that matter. I had little knowledge of software development but that was it. The article by wololo you mentioned got me into hunting for savegame exploits, and that was my first step into the world of binary exploitation. Many years later, I am a penetration tester, which means I try to hack systems for a living, and very much into binary exploitation. Back in the day, I always felt that I had no way to start learning, and had to assume or understand lots of things myself, re-inventing the wheel multiple times in the process. I was also constantly nagging the guys in the scene to help me understand basic concepts. I believe that a series of articles like the ones you are authoring now would have been a god-send, so thank you very much for your work! It is much appreciated! For anyone starting out now, follow your dreams, and don’t skip ahead, try to understand as much as you can, and give it time and effort. It will click, I promise! 😀

  4. mgplayer 47 says:

    tanx for Touchable explanations

  5. Predator0808 says:

    Nice, can’t wait for next ones!

  6. capnbongobango says:

    Hacky McHackface or gtfo.

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