PSVita News: Frangar making progress on RetroArch GPU Acceleration Bounty as a runtime shader compiler has been implemented – Bounty has now risen to $1067!


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  1. NeonAera says:

    “Mupen64Plus, a Nintendo 64 emulator, has an ARMv7 dynarec which increases the chance that we’ll see a functional native Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSVita which could emulate some titles.”

    Yes! Finally!! Been waiting for this! AWESOME! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Hrobzy says:

    What I couldn’t figure out yet: Could this somehow improve the sound of GBA games, maybe by taking the heat off the CPU or something? I am not an expert on this stuff.
    Maybe it’s just me, I am using mGBA as an emulator.

  3. 4everPurStudent says:

    Vita already can perfectly emulate gba, and near perfect snes (all who played it – already know that) but n64 and nds, thats what vita really lacks.. Eeehh… i don`t have money even for my life, I’d love to support the idea, but I can’t 🙁

  4. totorarapupu says: