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PS4 Firmware 6.72


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13 Responses

  1. Badryo says:

    ???? Was this post necessary…..??

  2. Badmood says:

    the end is near Update your console you should play newer games before its too late.Devs will never release a new hack.Don’t waste your precious time.

    • grecomafioso says:

      The end is near? What end??
      My console “should” play newer games before it’s too late? Too late for what??
      Devs will never release a new hack? How do you know???

      Don’t waste my precious time? You wasted it already with your *** post.

    • Андрей says:

      Никогда не говори никогда 🙂 все возможно в этом мире

    • Greatmood says:

      this would be a funny troll if it wasn’t tragically true, nobody knows how long until the end but it can’t be very far away now.

    • spok says:

      i will stick to my PS4 5.05 on Hen 2.1 with 2TB SSHD + 4TB external HDD with library for years:)

  3. Neplakej says:

    There is no hope. Just update your PS4 and buy games like spiderman and RDR for few bucks. *** this entire scene, a year without any real release and constant *** about EOL. Yeah, I’m totally gonna wait for a year after PS5 is released to play game, that even now costs 15$. “Devs” can congratulate thenselves: you killed this scene, before it was even born.

  4. mg player says:

    update is only way
    hacker not release any new hack

  5. msaid says:

    Is there a way to update and keep trophies i have gotten on my pirated console ?

  6. Peacock Killer says:

    Yeah i will stick to my PS4 Pro 5.05 on Hen 2.1 with 2TB Samsung 860 Evo + 8TB external HDD with library for decades 🙂